Hololens: Microsoft’s New Game Changing Product

Microsoft HoloLensFor decades, the thought of interacting with technology through a holographic interface was only imagined in Sci-Fi films. Today, this futuristic technology is coming closer and closer to reality. Microsoft recently revealed plans for its HoloLens. The product looks similar to the Oculus Rift – which of course is Facebook’s entry into the world of virtual reality. But unlike the Oculus Rift, the HoloLens projects an image into a real world space or what Microsoft calls ‘mixed reality entertainment’. For example, the demo video [below] shows new possibilities in video games, where players can shoot holographic aliens with wearable holographic weapons or load Mine-craft visuals on real world items.

But Microsoft’s Hololens is not just limited to video games. There are limitless possibilities. Users can interact with holographic web browsers and video players, and even create holographic furniture around their living space. Microsoft explains that doctors and professors have also shown interest in the product as HoloStudio can aid in their day to day tasks, creating and interacting with different modules and objects.

IGN’s Alaina Yee was very impressed with the product, noting that the mixed reality interface may be more engaging than something like Oculus Rift’s virtual reality. Yee had the chance to use the product in a demo reel. Her reaction is shown below in this video.

CNET reports that the wireless headset will be available on March 30th for $3000 USD. This initial release will feature a developmental model.

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