Web Design and Development

PC EasyCare keeps it easy when it comes to websites.  We offer our website customers a professional, turn-key website that they can manage on their own once we have it set-up.  You can add content and manage your website in an intuitive manner and whenever you like, without having to go through a huge course on HTML, PHP, ASP, or any other abbreviated web design or web development language or tool that is out there, which would otherwise require you to know how to script or program.  PC EasyCare makes managing your website as easy as using Microsoft Word or the like.

Another feature that we always strive for is to make all our clients’ websites responsive ones.  This means that your website will look good regardless of if it is on a big screen monitor, or a small smartphone screen.  With the move of the web from desktop to mobile, PC EasyCare positions our clients’ websites to be viewable, and easy on the eyes, from any screen.

On top of all this, PC EasyCare offers these services at a far lower cost than most of the competition.  And since our sites are turn-key, the average turn-around time is much quicker.  Email or call us for an estimate.

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