Onsite Service

In the event that you actually do need a computer technician onsite, PC EasyCare does have the ability to send in one of our contractors in to complete whatever IT work you need done, from initial hardware set-up and cabling, to upgrades and repairs.

PC EasyCare’s onsite services are on a per incident basis, and therefore are charged separately from our Remote IT Services.  This is why we focus on using our Remote IT Services to reducing the need for onsite service, and reducing the amount of time required for onsite service to complete a job.

Pricing for onsite service may vary from job to job, depending on their nature; however we can provide you with an estimate before hand.  PC EasyCare requires our clients’ signature of approval before and after any onsite job; this way, you have the choice of choosing if you want the job done for the stated price, and if you approve of the work completed once it is done.

To request a work order for an onsite job, simply call or email us and one of our agents will gladly assist you.


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