Asset Management

PC EasyCare’s advanced Remote Asset Management system gives us the ability to keep tabs on what hardware and software our clients’ businesses use.  This means we can manage our your IT assets remotely, without ever stepping foot into your office or sending an on-site technician to take a physical inventory of everything you have.  Best of all, our Asset Management program is completely seamless, and can be conducted without any interruptions to our end users.  This means more productivity and less downtime for your business.

Don’t want contractors or employees installing games or other unwanted software on your business computers?  PC EasyCare can monitor this as well based on your business policies.

When it comes time to upgrade or replace your computer hardware, PC EasyCare technicians can evaluate each machine remotely to see what new hardware is needed, and whether additional changes are needed.  We can then place an order to one of our distributors for the required hardware, and one of our on-site technicians can perform the upgrades for you.

For software upgrades and repairs, PC EasyCare can easily order the required software licences from our distributors, then deploy and install the required software to your business ‘computers remotely, meaning no on-site technician is required.

Our Asset Management program does not require any additional cost from our basic plans.  The only requirement to add our Asset Management program to your business package is a 1-year commitment to stay with PC EasyCare when you first sign up.


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