Privacy Policy

PC EasyCare understands that your business` privacy and confidentiality are important, and the same goes for your clients.  That`s why, at PC EasyCare, we do our best to keep your company and client information secure, private, and confidential.  Below is our Privacy Policy pertaining to any and all PC EasyCare`s conduct and services.

  1. PC EasyCare will keep all information between PC EasyCare and PC EasyCare’s client(s) private and confidential.
  2. PC EasyCare will not share nor sell client business secrets with or to other clients or third parties.
  3. PC EasyCare will not share nor sell client information with or to other clients or third parties.
  4. PC EasyCare will not take advantage of client information for any purpose that would be detrimental to the client.
  5. All client data saved on PC EasyCare’s client back-up servers (also known as “cloud servers”) is the sole property of its respective client.  As such, PC EasyCare will not look into the contents or nature of any client files unless otherwise instructed to do so by the client.  Also, PC EasyCare shall not, nor will not, be held liable nor responsible for the nature of client data stored on our client back-up servers.
  6. PC EasyCare is under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Federal government, and the Ontario Provincial government.  As such PC EasyCare will release any and all information to the proper authorities (i.e. local police or other Canadian government law enforcement personnel) if, and only if, a valid search warrant is issued by a Canadian judge under proper legal conditions for the purposes of keeping the peace and/or police investigations of criminal activity.  Should this happen, the clients affected by such a search warrant would be notified as soon as possible by PC EasyCare or the aforementioned law enforcement personnel, unless such notification has been deemed detrimental to criminal investigations by the aforementioned law enforcement personnel.   As this type of release of information to the proper authorities would be due to upholding Canadian laws, the client will not hold PC EasyCare liable nor responsible for a release of client information of this nature, nor any resulting consequences of doing so.

PC EasyCare reserves sole right to update and/or modify this privacy policy as it sees fit, in accordance with Canadian Federal and Ontario Provincial law.