Microsoft’s HoloLens Part 2

Last week we discussed the various purposes of Microsoft’s new HoloLens that will be ready to launch on March 30th. The $3000 product will be useful for many business owners. This blog post will discuss the various types of businesses that may want to look into investing in the HoloLens.

Automobile Industry: Volvo, which praises itself as the safest car company in the world, has started using the HoloLens to aid customers in visualizing how safe the car they wish to purchase really is. Volvo also hopes to use the HoloLens down the line in design and engineer applications. Speaking of designers and engineers, the software Autodesk Fusion 360, can be used with the HoloLens to aid in the process of product development. The process will be more efficient and also lead to faster prototyping. Fusion 360’s interactive elements can help limitless physical prototypes and help change people’s approach to design.

Construction and Architects: One obvious area that the HoloLens will definitely aid in is in the designing and construction of buildings. The models we used to only see in Sci-Fi films, will now become a reality for architects who require intricate planning before beginning construction. What makes the HoloLens even more useful is that architects can also immerse themselves in the buildings they are producing through HoloLens’ full-scale Holograms.

Space: NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is developing a tool called “OnBoard” to work in harmony with the HoloLens. NASA’s engineers and scientists will be able to visualize unknown areas of space through the lens and actually interactive with various elements.

Educational Purposes: Case Western Reserve University has started to use the HoloLens to visualize the human anatomy. Students now have the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the human body in a new experience. The classroom becomes more interactive and students are more confident in what they are learning.

Although many of the businesses mentioned above have more to do with designing and engineering, the practical elements for the HoloLens can be vast. Fashion designers can use it to visualize new styles, doctors and surgeons may find it useful to demo on a hologram before surgery, and even restaurants may find it useful for creating new menus.

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