The three new smartphones you’ll probably end up buying

With the release of the Samsung S7 and HTC 10 and with new reports of the iPhone 7 swirling the internet every day, chances are that the thought of upgrading or switching smartphones has crossed your mind. This blog post will outline some of the key features of each smartphone and hopefully steer you in the right direction.

Iphone 7

In the last few months there has been immense speculation about Apple’s new mobile device. Apple users all over the world wondered how much would the iPhone 7 be different from the previous 6s model. Initial reports indicated that Apple would eliminate the headphone jack all together and as expected, the internet blew up with dissatisfaction.  Now iPhone users will have to either reluctantly use headphone devices compatible with Apple’s lightning cable system, or buy an adapter that will allow users to use their old devices while adding unnecessary bulk to the device. Apple’s argument for changing the ports is that better sound quality will be achieved through the lightning ports (Boas, 2016).

With all this being said, Apple will probably lose very few customers over this. New features such as a bigger and brighter screen and a dual camera system might just be enough for Apple customers to upgrade to the iPhone 7.

Samsung S7

The Samsung S7 much like the iPhone 7, will have very little design difference than its predecessor (S6 ). Aside from being water-proof, one of the new features of the S7 is its new AMOLED QHD 5.1in display. The display is perfect for viewing videos even at 4k resolution.

HTC 10

HTC has amped up its smartphone sector this year with the new HTC 10. The sleek design of the phone is centered on a metal design. The symmetrical device will have an easy to use interface as the home button has been upgraded to a touch button feel. The display will be powerful, but because it is an LCD display it won’t pack the same punch as Samsung’s Super AMOLED display (Parker,2016).

Perhaps the most interesting factor that makes the HTC 10 special its ability to support Vive’s VR headset. With the Vive being one of the leaders in virtual reality, the HTC 10 might be valuable for customers interested in VR.

There are other options like LG’s G5 and Blackberry’s Priv, but the Iphone 7, the Samsung S7 and the HTC 10 seem to be the most well marketed and well-designed mobile phones available now or in the case of the iphone 7, in the next coming months. Whatever your choice maybe, make sure to back up your device and protect your new device.

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