The new PC EasyCare logo for 2015!

2014 was a great year for PC EasyCare.  We seen some modest growth, and the business is showing some great potential.  Its been a journey of learning for us too, as we get feedback from clients and associates alike on different things that can be improved.  That said, we have noticed some small yet major changes in terms of clarity; specifically with our logo.  That’s why PC EasyCare has made some minor changes to our logo, so people will really know who we are, right off the bat.


Introducing PC EasyCare’s newly revised logo.  The changes  might be a bit subtle, but they do improve on the logo’s clarity.  Our “PC diamond” now has the letters “PC” more clearly displayed.  The company name is also included as part of the logo, so that it is more apparent.




PC EasyCare IT Services Limited



To those people who made note of these aspects, we would like to say “Thank you”.  This is a definite step forward in our company’s brand.

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