A new way to get in touch.

ID-10089813 - Male Executive Talking Over PhoneWell, I’ve been getting some complaints from the Ottawa crowd that when they dial PC EasyCare’s old phone number [613-209-1862], they get a notice that they are making a long distance call.  Our apologies in regards to that, as our phone provider made a mistake some time ago by providing us with a Cornwall number instead.  (For some reason they assumed that a “613” area code applied to Ottawa only.  Well now they know that is not the case.)

Since PC EasyCare has started to grow with the hiring of new staff members, a new phone number is also called for that would not only facilitate our team and also resolve this “long distance” issue for our Ottawa clients, but also help us better serve our clients better nationwide across Canada.

PC EasyCare has therefore added a new toll-free phone number: 1-866-243-7239.  This can also be easily remembered as “1-866-243-PCEZ”.  You can still use the old phone number, but that will eventually be used as a direct number for only one member of the team.  In the meantime, we at PC EasyCare will be slowly transitioning our clients to using our toll free number over the course of the next 30 days or so.

Now anybody across Canada can call PC EasyCare IT Services Limited for their business IT needs.  Go ahead… try it out and ask for a free consultation.

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