Hackers attack Team Viewer Users

At PC Easy Care, our employees use a software called Sococo as a tool for communication as well as remote assistance. Recently, a similar application, Team Viewer, has been victim to a significant amount of attacks by hackers who have stolen the account details from users through third-party data banks (BBC, 2016).

President of Team Viewer Alex Schmidt said on Sunday following the hacks, “The vast majority of the cases that we see have to do with there being a lot of data breaches lately, and whenever we’re pointed to potential TeamViewer account abuses, we check internally to determine what we can see. And in virtually every case we see that the passwords and account credentials have been used elsewhere” (Arstechnica, 2016).

These data breaches have occurred in networks with large databases such as LinkedIn and Myspace. Users with weak passwords have been more likely to be targeted in these attacks. If you think you have a weak password, now is the time to make a change.

With access to a user’s TeamViewer account PIN and password, hackers can enter any other device listed on the software. If you have a Team Viewer account, you can set up additional policies that would require entering additional passwords to access devices.

Team Viewer users have taken to Reddit and Twitter to share their personal stories on the attacks. Team Viewer does not know the precise number of users affected by these attacks, but does note they are significant.


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