Client Referral Program

img_8Want a way to save on your monthly bill?  PC EasyCare offers many ways to do so.  The most proactive way that our clients can save money on their monthly invoice is through our Client Referral program.  Here is how it works.

  1. First, a client signs up for a 1-year term contract on any one of PC EasyCare’s Remote IT Services.  Let’s refer to the client who does this as the “Referrer”.
  2. Second, the Referrer needs to refer another business to PC EasyCare Remote IT Services.  Let’s refer to the referred business as the “Referral”.
  3. When the Referral signs up for any one of PC EasyCare’s Remote IT Services for a minimum of 4 months, and they mentioning the Referrer’s name as the one who referred them to PC EasyCare, PC EasyCare will give the Referrer 10% off their monthly invoice for 2 months upon the Referral’s successful completion of 4 months of service with PC EasyCare’s Remote IT Services.
    • The Referral may also request 10% their first month’s invoice when mentioning the Referrer’s name.  The Referrer must be a current PC EasyCare Remote IT Services client.
  4. For each additional successful referral, the Referrer gets an additional 2 months extension on their 10% monthly invoice discount given that each new Referral meets the conditions set out in point 3 of this page.
  5. Should the Referrer’s discounts exceed their 1-year term, an additional 1-year will be automatically added to their term contract.

There is no additional paperwork to sign up for this referral program.  It is a pending option that is part of any client’s service agreement for any of PC EasyCare’s Remote IT Services.  As such, a client is automatically entered into the Referral Program from the moment they provide a successful referral as mentioned in the points above.  Should a client not want to be part of the Referral Program, they have to option to opt out at any time.  Opting out will no affect any contracts that are already in effect.