Hackers attack Team Viewer Users

At PC Easy Care, our employees use a software called Sococo as a tool for communication as well as remote assistance. Recently, a similar application, Team Viewer, has been victim to a significant amount of attacks by hackers who have stolen the account details from users through third-party data banks (BBC, 2016). President of Team Viewer Alex...
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Is the mobile computing the future?

In today’s tech landscape we are generally seeing a shift to smaller and thinner computers. The Mac Book Air, Chromebooks, and even HP’s new Spectre all reflect this changing market. But is this a reflection of a bigger picture? Will smartphones eventually take the place of our computers? A new technology, NexDock, thinks the answer...
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Microsoft’s HoloLens Part 2

Last week we discussed the various purposes of Microsoft’s new HoloLens that will be ready to launch on March 30th. The $3000 product will be useful for many business owners. This blog post will discuss the various types of businesses that may want to look into investing in the HoloLens. Automobile Industry: Volvo, which praises itself...
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